A Summer Summary


This summer has taken me on some of my biggest adventures yet! I have had the chance to travel both internationally and around America over the past few months, and it’s been a complete blast. Tons of pictures were taken, and so many memories were made, and I can’t wait to share them here! Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing about these two large trips, as well as some smaller trips that I’ve gotten the chance to make this summer.


I made my first trek ‘across the pond’ earlier this summer and spent some time in England. Going to Europe has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, and London did not disappoint. While there, I was able to see a bunch of the ‘stereotypical tourist sights’ as well as some hidden gems, and not to mention, a TON of theatre. The trip was the culmination of a class that I had taken last semester that was all about Shakespeare and English culture. I can’t wait to share the things that I saw and learned with you!




After I returned from Europe (almost immediately after, actually) I spent two weeks camping across America as a part of a geological science group. A group of students from local colleges got together for a ‘Field Study’ which took us out to multiple national parks for college credit. Over the course of two weeks, we camped in some truly amazing places, saw awe-inspiring sights (which included another, more in-depth, trip to the Grand Canyon), and learned so many interesting things. On this trip I kept a scientific journal/sketchbook, and I look forward to sharing that with you as well, as something a little different!


This summer has been physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially taxing, but it has also been incredible and helped me grow as a person. Though there have been countless moments this summer where it would have been easier to stay home, I decided to leap out of my comfort zone, and embrace the unknown. I hope that sharing these adventures with you will help encourage you to get out there and enjoy adventures of your own! Stay tuned for more in-depth looks at these trips!


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