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Merry Christmas friends!!

Today I’ve decided to share with you the new schedule that I’ve been developing. Ultimately I’d love to be able to increase activity in order to get brand-new content out to you every day, and we will continue to build up to that!! For now, keep reading to see NTL’s weekly schedule…

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The “Monday Mini-post” Series is kicking off with this post right here! On Monday’s, you can expect new content in the form of a “Monday Mini-post”, which can include anything from spotlights on friends, favorite products, DIY projects, Big News (that just can’t wait!) or even recipes (as I explore my fondness for cooking). I feel that these smaller posts are the perfect way to kick off your week, with something exciting, productive, or fun!

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On Wednesday’s I will be focusing on re-sharing content including that week’s “Monday Mini-post” as well as the previous week’s Friday post (which I’ll tell you more about in just a second) as well as some of my favorite posts from the blog. I also want to use this day to share some of my photos, or interesting tidbits that may not have made the cut when I originally posted a blog post, so keep an eye out for some interesting things!

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I will devote Friday’s to the big stuff. Friday posts will include things like The London Series and my upcoming Field Study posts (which I’m pretty excited about) as well as destinations and day trips. Basically, I’ll end the week with something that will (hopefully) inspire you to get up and spend your weekend adventuring and exploring.
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Of course, if you want to keep up with me during the rest of the week you can always find me on my other social media accounts, and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything! You can click the links on the sidebar on the right under the “Follow Me on Social Media” heading.

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