The London Series: Part 2

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Here is the second installment of ‘The London Series’!

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“Borough Market, Westminster Abbey, St. Pauls, Nell Gwynn and italian food at a restaurant that was closing; it’s been a very full day.

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“I got an AMAZING doughnut at the Borough Market.”

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Okay, so this is all I wrote about this doughnut and the Borough Market. Little did I know, this would become my favorite part of the trip, and the thing that I think about most often when reflecting back, as crazy as that may seem. Borough Market is the cutest little street market, located near the London Bridge and Southwark Cathedral. It was the perfect embodiment of everything that I think of when I think “London”. There were the most colorful and fragrant stalls all over the place, selling everything from hot chocolate and tea to fresh pastries and chocolates, to cured meats and exotic cheeses. I could’ve spent all day wandering around and sampling things, and when I go back (because I will go back eventually) I am devoting an entire day to this market (provided the weather is nice).


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This particular doughnut, which I think about quite often, was seriously amazing. It was a very large doughnut, filled with a salted caramel cream and topped off with fresh honeycomb. It was a huge mess to eat, but oh-so-worth it. Upon further research (yes, I researched a doughnut months later) I discovered that it was from a bakery called Bread Ahead. Bread Ahead is run by expert bakers, and they also run a baking school where ametures and experts alike can go to improve their craft. Let me tell you, I will be looking into that for my next trip, or at least buying another doughnut. So, if you do anything in london, do yourself a favor, and get one of these (to use one of the great Mary Berry’s words) “scrummy” doughnuts. You won’t regret it.



“Westminster Abbey was huge and elaborate and amazing. I love London. This was one of those things that you always hear about, but that really doesn’t do it justice. Unfortunately they don’t let you take photos inside the abbey, but, as I said, pictures really wouldn’t do it justice anyway. I did manage to get some pictures outside the abbey, which were also incredibly impressive.




St. Paul’s Cathedral was also amazing, though it wasn’t quite as elaborate as Westminster. I must say, I’m getting really tired of stairs. I feel like i’m back in California again (read about that here)”



“Nell Gwynn was an awesome show (so good!!) and being in The Globe Theatre was a really cool experience. I actually got a bit emotional. There was so much history inside that building (though it wasn’t the exact same building that William Shakespeare’s actors would have been inside), and being here surrounded by it has overwhelmed me. Being an actor, and knowing that the people who shaped everything that you know about theatre and drama and literature would have walked the very streets that you are walking is truly incredible. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity, really.”



‘Nell Gwynn’ was our first show in The Globe, and it did not disappoint. ‘Nell Gwynn’ is actually a new show by British playwright Jessica Swale. It follows the life and acting career of Nell Gwynn, who was mistress of Charles II. The show was funny and heartwarming and beautifully performed. 


“After the show let out, we were all starving and didn’t want to walk back to the flat on empty stomachs. I think we underestimated how hungry we would be and how long the show was. We ended up searching and searching for a restaurant, but everything was closing or already closed. In a last ditch effort we ended up at Strada (after being rudely turned down multiple times) and they were kind enough to let us in under the precaution that the kitchen would be closing in literally 3 minutes. We all sprinted in, ordered the first things that we saw off the menu and tried to be as polite as possible. We left a very big tip. The food was really good, I wish we’d have been able to eat there when there was more time to enjoy it, but I’m still hungry. Also exhausted. All of this walking is tiring me out, it’s no wonder everyone here is so thin…well, goodnight! Another big adventure awaits tomorrow!”



Stay tuned for part 3 coming shortly!

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