The Big, Bright, Light Show!

Hello friends!

I will be the first to admit that I do not like the cold. Unfortunately, I live in a very cold state. Also, a lot of my family and friends live here, and while I hate the cold, I love them, so it looks like I’ll be staying in-state for at least a little while longer. One thing, however, that keeps my spirits high during the cold months, is living in a cool city.

Every year, starting in November, the downtown area of Rochester lights up with a massive amount of lights. This year there were over a MILLION of them. Nothing chases away the winter blues quite like twinkly lights! People come from all over to see the spectacle, and snap photos, and for many, its become an annual tradition. From November until January 7th, the lights are lit everyday from 5pm-midnight. I always find myself feeling a little sad the day after they are turned off, but I know they aren’t gone just yet! If you didn’t get the chance to see them, there’s still time!

The winter festivities come to a close with a bang during the Fire & Ice festival, and the lights are once again lit! This year the festival is taking place on Friday Jan. 19th from 5pm-9pm, Saturday Jan. 20th from 10am-9pm, and Sunday Jan. 21st from 9am-4pm in downtown Rochester Hills.

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If you’re wanting to escape the bitter cold before then, you still have a chance to visit the Winter Farmer’s Market, located inside the Firehouse at 277 E. Second St. They are open for one last day on Saturday, Jan. 13th, from 10am-2pm.

Stay warm!

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