Post-Holiday Gift Guide

Hello friends!

The holidays are over, and the new year is just beginning! That means birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, and, before we know it, the holidays will again be upon us. It seems like we never really stop buying people presents, which is great! Because that usually means there’s something to celebrate! But, sometimes, finding the perfect gift can be incredibly daunting. It can be tempting to start doling out cash last minute, especially for those teenagers and young adults who refuse to give you any help at all, but sometimes that just won’t cut it. I like to look back on some of the favorite gifts that I’ve received to help me find those perfect gifts for others.

  • The Interest/Hobby
    • Of course, a good place to start is with your recipients interests and hobbies. It’s not hard to find out someone’s hobbies if you don’t already know them, simply by asking friends or looking at their social media. If you don’t know a lot about their hobby (say it’s a complicated sport, or you’re not sure what they already have), books can be a safe bet.
    • One of my favorite gifts I received this year were books on blogging and design. My parents know that blogging is something that I’m passionate about, but they don’t know a lot about computers or wordpress or coding. They do know, however, that I love learning and reading. Who wouldn’t want to learn something new about what they love?


  • The Inside Joke
    • It’s a running joke (I don’t think it’s really a joke) that I post far too many food videos on my personal Facebook page. It’s somewhat of an obsession of mine. Well, this year, one of my best friends took the liberty of getting me the Tasty Cookbook, so I could actually make some of the recipes I’m constantly posting about!



  • The Sentimental/Functional
    • Sometimes old gifts make great new gifts. Some of the best gifts I’ve received over the years have been keepsakes from relatives. One of the gifts I received this year was a cookbook from my grandmother. This cookbook was something that she thought I would appreciate, and she had her own cookbook when she was beginning life on her own. Though it wasn’t an old cookbook, or the same one she had used, she knew that it was something that I would find useful.


  • The Meaningful Jewelry
    • Jewelry is usually a pretty safe bet, especially if you’re buying for a significant other. I got Drew a watch this year, and he loved it. He also got me a piece of jewelry, accompanied by a sweet note. Perhaps the note was the part that I liked even more than the jewelry, but you can’t really wear a note every day, can you? Just having that reminder on is a beautiful constant reminder.




  • The Art Piece
    • Another safe bet is art. Whether a wall hanging or a piece of pottery (I have received both in the past), a piece of art can say a lot. From “I think you would appreciate this thing that I find beautiful” to “I trust you to take care of this delicate thing”, an art piece can be a great present from the heart.




  • The Wish List
    • In today’s age of technology, we have a big advantage. Tons of people have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon. Luckily for us, Amazon and Pinterest both have wish list features that a lot of people take advantage of.  I happen to be one of those people who keeps a wishlist, and some people took notice. This year I had a large scratch off map that reappeared on my wishlist multiple times. It’s possible, and in today’s day and age, probable, that your gift recipient also has their own wish list! It’s worth a look at least.



  • The Together Gift
    • There are five different Love Languages, according to the book by Gary Chapman. My Love Language is ‘Quality Time’, as is many others. For someone like me, gifts that show togetherness, and interest in spending time with me, are extremely important. What does this look like for me? Games! One of my favorite things to do is to have game nights with my friends, and for that, we need games! Receiving new games gives us another opportunity to get together.



I hope that these suggestions are helpful to you! Happy gifting! What were some of your favorite gifts to receive and give? Let me know in the comments below!



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