The London Series: Part 4

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Looking back on my time in England has reminded me of how amazing London is. However, my favorite part about my trip was spending time in Bath. London has the hustle & bustle that you expect from a big city, which definitely has its merits, and it has become one of my favorite places. Bath has its own charms; it combines the posh atmosphere that you might expect from Europe and it combines the quaint charm of the countryside (which was unbelievably beautiful). When I go back, I plan to allot more time to the countryside and Bath in particular. Enjoy!

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“Today we got up super early and headed right out on our adventure for the day! We started out with Pret A Manger (as per usual, I’m not sure what I’ll do without it when I return!) before heading to the bus station.


Our tour actually began with a stop at Stonehenge. All of the lore surrounding the monument was fascinating, and though the weather was rather gloomy, it just added to the whole mysterious ambiance. It was amazing to see the formation in person, as pictures (once again) do not do it justice. The stones were HUGE, and I cannot imagine how they were moved, though I have seen some theories recently of them having been ‘walked’ with a sort of rope system. I suppose it’s just one of life’s mysteries. Anyway, it was amazing and beautiful, and much more enjoyable than I was expecting.


Next we were on to Bath. There were so many amazing little shops and restaurants. I could completely see myself living there, and who knows what the future will hold? After exploring for a while we wound up eating outside at the ‘Lion & The Lamb’. The food was pretty typical pub food, which was fine by me, and it was so nice to sit outside in the quaint little courtyard. We continued to indulge with gelato from ‘Swoon’ after eating our meal and resumed exploring.


The streets were decorated with elaborate hanging decorations. One street was covered by colorful umbrellas, another by giant music notes, and buskers on every corner, filling the air with their music. It felt like a scene from a movie, and I could not have asked for more from our time in Bath. We found a small market and picked up some souvenirs before racing back to our bus, not wanting to leave (I know I was calculating how much it would cost to accidentally miss the bus and have to stay longer).


Back in London, we took advantage of the Victoria & Albert museum’s late hours. I’d never been in a museum late at night, and, having seen too many movies, was partially expecting the statues to begin coming alive. I wish more of the museum had been accessible, but the parts that were, were stunning.” I happen to be a big fan of museums, if you’ll remember my Virginia Beach trip here.


“We ended our day in Trafalgar Square among the lion statues, and grabbed a quick bite before retreating to our beds back in our flat. Tomorrow we head out of London once more. Goodnight”


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