The London Series: Part 5

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Today’s London Series is another of my favorite days in England. Looking back, I really did love London, but my fondest memories were from excursions outside of the city. Maybe I’m not as much of a city person and I originally thought…anyway, enjoy reading about my excursion to Stratford-Upon-Avon!

The London Series_ Part 1 Itinerary May 8-9 (5).png

“Today we got to visit Stratford-Upon-Avon! We headed to the train station early this morning and boarded for the long train ride through the English Countryside (there were so many baby cows and sheep!). The country is breathtakingly beautiful.


When we got to Stratford, we found the cutest little street market (my favorite!). I found a vintage hardcover copy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (which happens to be the play that I am studying for my senior thesis). Finding this great little gem in the same town that the author was born was a really cool experience, and I even bargained for it and saved myself £2! I felt very cool.

Once we were done looking at the market, we headed to the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre (after getting fish and chips). This was our first experience getting fish and chips in England, and I wasn’t really impressed… actually it was my least favorite meal so far, which was surprising. I think we may have just chosen the wrong place to eat. Seeing Julius Caesar, however, was amazing. The cast was really impressive, and seeing Shakespeare performed in Shakespeare’s hometown was overwhelming.


We then went to The Swan. I got some really amazing tea and scones with jam (to die for! And totally made up for the fish dining disaster). We headed back to the train and to London, content.


We took photos at 221B Baker street on the way back to the flat (I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan), and planned to have an early night, but wound up changing our plans last minute. Instead of turning in, we trekked across the Thames and hit up a few bars to enjoy the nightlife. Unfortunately this ended in my sprinting back across London because I needed to use the restroom. Now that I’ve gotten my exercise for the day, I am going to sleep. We get to sleep until 9:30 tomorrow morning!”


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