The London Series: Part 7

Hello Friends!

After the last day that we had in London, we were glad to have a day that was less ‘planned’. It’s hard for things to go wrong when you’re just going with the flow! We all looked at what was available to us, and decided on some things to fill our day, deciding to let the stress of the previous day slip away and really enjoy our time in this foreign country.

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“We started off this morning at Buckingham Palace, trying to see the changing of the guard. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to weather, though it was only drizzling. Afraid that the day would go downhill fast, we decided to hop over to the Royal Mews. On our way, we found a sort of marching band playing Copacabana and New York, New York, which I took to be a good sign.

In the Royal Mews, we got a glimpse at the royal horses and the AMAZING royal coaches. There have been quite a few instances so far on this trip where the things that I wasn’t necessarily the most excited for have turned out to be absolutely stunning. All of the carriages were incredible, but the ceremonial gold carriage definitely took the cake.


We then hit some souvenir shops, where I loaded up on small figurines, keychains, postcards, bumper stickers and painting prints (quite a few of which I ended up keeping myself…). Content with shopping, we then made our way to Whittard, which I decided was basically the English equivalent of Teavana. They had a mulled wine tea that was to die for.

After a few more quick shopping stops, we took a stroll through Hyde Park. I think that if I lived in London, I would do a whole lot more walking than I currently do. On the way through, we got to climb up into the marble arch and got a pretty great view of the park.

We’d also gotten to tour Kensington Palace, which, of course, was gorgeous. It was just like I’d always imagined, growing up dreaming of being a princess. The rooms were all ornate and beautifully decorated and detailed, and the grounds were stunning. I would love to have a garden like that. The grounds, ‘Kensington Gardens’, connected right back into Hyde Park.

The park was filled with people, dogs (one who was playing with a group of pigeons) and the cutest baby ducks. I just wanted to scoop them up and take them with me, but I don’t think I would have been able to sneak them back through customs. There were also wild parrots in the park, which completely blew my mind. I’d never thought of parrots in London, but alas, there they were. It seemed so exotic, and there was a man feeding them, covered head to toe in green birds and feathers.


We all resumed our tourist status and took cheesy photos next to the Peter Pan statue and then continued to shop around for a bit. Our group split up for a while, and our faction went out in search of sticky toffee pudding (yum). We stumbled into a retro underground resale shop, a crazy chocolate shop (filled with dogs made entirely of chocolate), and Liberty. Liberty was the department store of my dreams, and my new goal in life is to be able to shop there and actually afford things.



After that we went to SoHo (The West End), which felt eerily like New York City, only slightly more manageable for those of us who get a little anxious in crowds. We had drinks at Mr. Foggs Tavern and then saw ‘Don Juan in SoHo’.


The show itself was actually not very good… but that was okay, because the real reason we’d all bought tickets was to see David Tennant, who was the only good part of the show. Afterward, we waited by the stagedoor and got to meet him! He seemed very nice and cool, albeit tired after the performance. We asked if we could take a group photo with him, to which he responded ‘I don’t know, can you?’ and the dad-joke seemed very fitting. He even signed my ticket. It was a very cool experience”


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  1. Mulled wine tea also, did you feed the parrots in Hyde?? He passed out food and we got to feed them when we were there!

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