The Next Chapter

Hello Friends!

It’s time for another life update! It has been quite a long time coming, I know. So much has changed recently (and mostly for the better!!!) and I have found myself in a brand new chapter of life.

I know that I have been slacking on getting new posts out (trust me, I’ve been beating myself up about it) but know that I have not given up! I am on a mission to restructure my life around the things that bring me joy, and Never Truly Lost is something that brings me a whole lot of that. Previously, I’ve looked at NTL as a massive project, when perhaps I should have been taking it a day at a time.

I appreciate you all patiently following and supporting me by reading my posts here. Please know that I have been silently working behind the scenes, and have a ton of backlogged content (and brand-spankin-new content) to get out to you. As I grow, NTL grows, so hang tight! I mean, technically, if NTL is growing, it’s currently in it’s terrible two’s which would make sense…

When we started this blog, I was a “recent college graduate (on a less than thrilling budget), with a mission to see the world! I hope to inspire others to go out and explore and realize that adventure is attainable, even if you have to start in your own backyard”. Now, years later, a lot of that still rings true. I am no longer a recent college graduate, but rather just a regular college graduate. While my budget remains less than thrilling, I have a new full time job (which I love). As I acclimate to this new job, I also acclimate to a more steady income that is slightly less less thrilling.

My mission remains the same, to inspire others to go out and explore and realize that adventure is attainable, however it continues to grow. Not only do I want to inspire others to go out and explore, but to open their eyes and look for the adventure within their own day-to-day lives.

I know that everyday life, especially while having a full time job, can begin to become monotonous. I find that I get more excited to share about my big trips (i.e. London, Field Study), and of course, I don’t think that that is wrong, but it often leaves me wanting content. Instead, I am going to broaden my horizons. There is so much to celebrate every day, if only we stop to celebrate it.

Thank you for reading through this open letter. For those of you who prefer to look at photos rather than read, I would also like to share with you that I have been playing with a new camera. Please enjoy some okay photos that I took while experimenting with the settings.


IMG_0295 copyIMG_0306 copyIMG_0321 copyIMG_0325 copyIMG_0329 copyIMG_0335 copyIMG_0153 copyIMG_0151 copyIMG_0143 copyWith that, I am signing off, to create more to share with you. Thank you for being patient.

Until next time,




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