The London Series: Part 8

Hello Friends!

Even with amazing a life changing trips like this one, travel can get tiring. That being said, we decided that this day would be much more relaxed than the previous days and we would take our time and enjoy ourselves. It was just the refreshing day that we all needed.

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“Today was more of a lazy day. This morning, we headed down to the Thames to ride the London Eye. The view was pretty amazing, but it wasn’t as high as I’d thought it would be, and it ended up being a little more expensive than we would have liked. Nonetheless we got some pretty cool photos of the city from above.



After that, we walked along the river and checked out some used book stalls which were set up for the morning. Our group was clearly filled with some avid readers. Then we FINALLY got crepes. I’d been begging to get crepes practically since we’d arrived, but every time we went to get some they were either closed, or we ended up somewhere else. I ordered a nutella crepe that was just what I needed, and I finally stopped complaining about them.



We wandered in search of another street market. I was looking to buy a necklace to remember the trip and my time in London. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one, and I think we ended up wandering in the wrong direction. We ended up in some weird stores and then found ourselves at ‘Ye Old Cheshire Cheese’, a small underground pub. This was actually the same pub that Charles Dickens went to (which I found pretty cool, you can read more about Charles Dickens HERE). Originally we’d been misinformed that it was actually CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien who frequented this pub, but we were still excited, nonetheless. I was still stoked to enjoy a pint in the same place that Charles Dickens would have.




We ended up back on Oxford street, and I was able to find the perfect necklace and ring set that I’d been looking for to commemorate the trip. I found it just in time, before we had to run over and get our seats for Les Mis. The show was absolutely phenomenal, really, amazing, and I loved it. It was my favorite show of the trip so far. After the show we called it a night and headed back to the flat to turn in a little early.”


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