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If you have read my ‘New Chapter’ blog, you’ll know that my mission for NTL has changed ever so slightly (and if you haven’t read it, you can read it here). I find that we focus too much, at least I do, on the grand adventures that take us out of our way, rather than the small adventures that we encounter in our day-to-day lives. In an effort to remedy that, I’ve been going over this blog to try to get a look at my own big picture, and I realize that I’ve been missing out on a BIG part of my life.

While I try to keep a lot of my personal life private, I feel that I may have been keeping it a little too close to the vest. In my attempt to redraw the line between personal and potential content, I have kept a huge part of my life almost completely separate. That part is theatre.


While I’ve touched a little on theatre in the past, such as shows that I’ve seen in London (here) and Virginia Beach (here), that’s where I’ve stopped. In reality, a good chunk of my life has been taken up by theatre. A pretty normal day for me includes waking up early, going to work, and then heading straight to the theatre for rehearsals and shows. Being in theatre has taken a lot of time away from this project, my blog, in particular. While I have previously tried to juggle them as separate things, there may be a way for me to meld my two passions together and start a new branch of NTL.

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Don’t worry, if you’re not a huge theatre person. This isn’t a full-tilt rebrand. I still want to focus a lot on the travel aspect of this blog, but between those trips, I want to supplement with a little more of the arts.


Currently, I’m doing the show “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, and loving every single second of it. If you want to read about the show in particular, you can check out a very thorough review here: .


Theatre is my way of climbing out of the daily routine. Even when you love what you do, doing the same thing every day can begin to suck the life out of someone. That’s why finding your passion is so important. Whether or not that passion for you is theatre, I hope that this inspires you, even a little, to pursue your own passions.


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