The London Series: Part 9

Hello Friends!

Thank you so much for reading about my experience in London. I’m so grateful to be able to share these experiences with all of you and I hope that I get to inspire you to go on your own adventures. This is part 9 of 10 posts in the series, and another truly great day. As far as formatting goes, this day is a little different. We stopped back home mid day, and I decided to begin my journal entry so that I wouldn’t forget anything. After a while, all of the days began to blur together into a beautiful mess and I wanted to try and keep everything straight. All of this to say that this entry is broken up into two section. I hope you enjoy reading about the last few days of the trip, and look out for part 10 coming up!

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“So far, today has been an extremely chill day. This morning we went back over to Buckingham Palace in hopes of seeing the changing of the guard. Despite the fact that it actually poured down rain, we actually did get to see it! It wasn’t nearly as exciting as I had thought that it would be. But, we ended up standing next to a family with a small child. I let the youngest son stand in front of me, because the crowd had pushed him behind people and he couldn’t see. It was a completely different experience watching the changing of the guard through the eyes of a child. He watched in amazement, and I was reminded of the amazing experience that I had the privilege of being a part of. We also made jokes about the guards taking breaks from the rain to eat snacks, and it put me in a joyful, childish mood. Instead of sulking in the rain, I wanted to splash around in the puddles.


After the ceremony, we walked through the park. Again the park was full of baby ducks,(so cute) that were different than the typical mallards and ducks that we see in the states.

The next stop was the Churchill War Room Exhibit. We got to tour the place where the WWII bunker was, which I found extremely interesting, and I picked up some more souvenirs. I really enjoy learning about history, and seeing it first-hand is my new favorite way to learn. After that we were all in the mood for some afternoon tea, so we went and found some at a bookstore cafe that was extremely good, and satisfying after a day of learning.



We then got on a hop-on, hop-off bus tour and promptly fell asleep. At that point we decided to go back to the flat and take a nap before the rest of the day.”


“The other girls went out on the town to Glowy McGlow tonight (a bar with a giant glowing ball pit). They all got dressed up and looked great, and I’m sure that they had a great time. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of crowds or bars, and looking at the photos online, it seemed like an anxiety attack waiting to happen, so I opted out of that experience. Instead, I decided that I would go out with Rob and Rachel.


We went to The George Pub. I ordered a prime beef burger, that tasted delicious, and just like home, and also a super tasty and refreshing pear cider (yum!!) We had great conversation and enjoyed hanging out and having a nice relaxing evening on the town. We then walked around Borrough Market after dark, in search of gelato. Most things were closed, but the vibe was very cool and chic. We ended up not being able to find any gelato in the market, and wound up back at the same Italian place we’d eaten at a few days ago.


We got honeycomb gelato (and I got salted caramel) that was incredibly delicious. Rachel told me all about fireweed and honey gelato from Alaska. That has not made my list of things that I need to try, and if Alaska wasn’t already on my bucket list, it is now. We finished our dessert and enjoyed a leisurely stroll back to the flat.”


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