The London Series: Part 10

Hello Friends!

This is it! The much anticipated (I’m sure) final days of my London trip…

The London Series_ Part 1 Itinerary May 8-9 (2).pngThe London Series_ Part 1 Itinerary May 8-9 (3).png“Today was our last day in London. While I am sad that my time here is coming to an end, I know that I’ll be back some day, and I’m ready to go home.

We decided to have a picnic in St. James Park as our last meal together with all of us. I got a delicious avocado, brie and tomato sandwich and a sparkling lemonade. We sat and chatted and enjoyed the beautiful weather (until we were swarmed with pigeons).


After brunch in the park, a few of us headed again to SoHo. We took a walk through the park and found some beautiful scenery and what looked like a castle beyond a bridge (as well as cute dogs)! Eventually we made it to the theatre, with enough time for pink guava gelato and a half pint of cider at a local pub.


‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime’ was AMAZING (though we were literally in the back row). The choreography and set were all amazing, and I loved the concept and the acting was phenomenal. This show and Les Mis were both amazing and I think they tied for my favorite.


After the show we navigated the tube to get to embankment, on our way to another show. Frankly, I was proud of myself for getting the hang of the underground, having only ridden in subways a few times in my own country. From there we walked across the Thames. I grabbed a delicious mushroom burger from a vendor (I’m going to really miss all of this delicious food!) and I also got a first folio copy of Midsummer. Then the rain came…


We were completely drenched while standing in line. We ran into another group of people our age from America who were also on a theatre trip, which was pretty cool. We wound up in the front row for ‘Twelfth Night’ at the Globe, which we enjoyed much more than ‘Romeo and Juliet’, despite the weather (I felt like I had pneumonia by the end of the show though). The show included ‘Feste’ as a drag queen, a very cute ‘Viola’ and ‘Duke Orsino’, and an oddly depressing end (which came out of the blue, and not necessarily in a good way). The walk back to the flat was horrible and cold and wet and I’m ready to go home. We finally experienced the London rain that we’d been hearing so much about. Back at the flat cooked up some soup and sandwiches and packed up our things. We head out first thing!”

As I reach the end of my London Series posts, it makes me sad and extremely nostalgic. I can’t wait until I can travel again and hopefully I will be able to travel overseas soon. There is something so unreal about being in a foreign country. For me it is a mix of experiencing the unknown, and also a feeling of being right at home. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, and I truly wish that everyone gets to experience it in their own lives!

Until next time,


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