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Hello Friends!

Something that I’ve come to realize is how much easier life is with friends and other people around. Having a blog like this gives me an opportunity to spotlight and share some of the awesome things that my colleagues are doing.


I met Daniel at college, and he is one of those sincere, kind, intelligent, motivated and talented people who makes you want to work harder just by being around them (I could go on). Dan was a theatre major who is now working as an actor and a playwright. Working consistently as an actor or a writer is pretty rare, and it’s definitely a testament to his hard work and dedication to his art. For a better idea, I’ll share a list of titles from some of his works and a little synopsis of each one (because they’re super clever and need to be recognized).

Full Length Plays:

  • Witches be Trippin’ – a Crucible parody
  • Mackers the Elf – a Macbeth inspired dark Christmas comedy (it’s seriously funny)
  • The Master Craftsman – a historical theatre drama (this was his thesis project)
  • Captain Henry & The Justice Court – a superhero fantasy play inspired by Shakespeare’s Henry V
  • Spaced – a sci-fi drama

One Acts:

  • A Vegetable Parable – an adult philosophical take on Veggie Tales (think Waiting for Godot if you’re familiar with it)


While I’d love to share more of his plays and credits, the reason that I’ve recruited him to work with me on NTL, is because of another of his areas of expertise, movies!

Daniel has always had a passion for theatre and movies, and characters in particular. With his background in theatre and writing, it makes a lot of sense that he would make the jump to movie reviews. I am super excited to work with him and share some of those reviews here in the coming weeks!

To get a little bit of a better understanding of him, I’ll share his list of top 10 movies (which has been thoughtfully calculated, and he was completely ready to share at the drop of a hat).

Top 10 Movies

  • 10. Cars – the Disney movie. “The first one, obviously.” – Daniel
  • 9. Emperors New Groove. If you haven’t gone back and watched this movie as an adult, you’re missing out.
  • 8. The 2013 Great Gatsby
  • 7. Stuart Little
  • 6. Wolf of Wall Street
  • 5. Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire
  • 4. Elf
  • 3. 2012 Avengers
  • 2. The Dark Knight
  • 1. Hoodwinked. 
    • I thought Hoodwinked was an odd pick for favorite movie, but this is what he had to say about it: Sure, on the surface the animation isn’t great, but it’s clear that the writers had so much fun writing for these characters. The non-linear overlapping storytelling is a really difficult thing to do correctly, and do well, and they kept it very tight. Plus I love a fun musical number, which this movie has a few of, and I love that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The voice acting is great, it’s hilarious, entertaining, creative and all for a really low budget movie. It’s charming.

Stay tuned for more reviews from Daniel coming shortly!

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