Podcast Recommendation: Crime Junkie

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I’ve got another great podcast to share with you guys today! Crime Junkie is another true crime podcast that I love. If you liked the last podcast I recommended, I’d suggest checking this one out! It’s a little meatier, serious & fact driven than MFM, but still on the more light-hearted side of true crime. 


I will often find myself listening to this one at work to keep me focused when there are so many things going on. I love having something in the background, and this one is so great because it’s really interesting, but I don’t feel the need to focus on every single detail. 

What’s great, and different, about Crime Junkie is that they really do their research. They make it a point to deliver you the most accurate details (sans rabbit-holes), but they don’t let it get too dry. They host, Ashley Flowers, is a great story-teller, and you can tell that she (and co-host Britt Praywatt) really care about the victims in their stories. 

Crime Junkie focuses a lot on missing people cases rather than just murder (like MFM). They do a lot with their local Crime Stoppers branch and bring awareness to a great organization. They also try to focus on crimes against minorities and unsolved cases to spotlight things that need more attention. Not only are they doing all of this great work, and entertaining listeners, but they’re delivering it with some kick-butt girl power. Give it a listen!

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