The London Series: Part 5

Hello Friends!

Today’s London Series is another of my favorite days in England. Looking back, I really did love London, but my fondest memories were from excursions outside of the city. Maybe I’m not as much of a city person and I originally thought…anyway, enjoy reading about my excursion to Stratford-Upon-Avon!

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The London Series: Part 4

Hey Friends!

Looking back on my time in England has reminded me of how amazing London is. However, my favorite part about my trip was spending time in Bath. London has the hustle & bustle that you expect from a big city, which definitely has its merits, and it has become one of my favorite places. Bath has its own charms; it combines the posh atmosphere that you might expect from Europe and it combines the quaint charm of the countryside (which was unbelievably beautiful). When I go back, I plan to allot more time to the countryside and Bath in particular. Enjoy!

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