The New Year’s Resolution 2.0

There is something about the new year that is so inspiring about a new year. A fresh start. A second chance (or third, or fourth…). Every January, I am encouraged to re-amp my ‘goals’ list and set my bar higher. I know that there are some people who have completely lost faith in the ‘New Year’s Resolution’, but I want to encourage you to stay positive. So what if your new resolution only lasts until the end of January? That’s one month where you lived as a healthier/happier/more organized/stronger/smarter you! The important thing is not to give up if you have a tiny set back, but to get up and try again.

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NTL Posting Schedule

Merry Christmas friends!!

Today I’ve decided to share with you the new schedule that I’ve been developing. Ultimately I’d love to be able to increase activity in order to get brand-new content out to you every day, and we will continue to build up to that!! For now, keep reading to see NTL’s weekly schedule…

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