The London Series: Part 5

Hello Friends!

Today’s London Series is another of my favorite days in England. Looking back, I really did love London, but my fondest memories were from excursions outside of the city. Maybe I’m not as much of a city person and I originally thought…anyway, enjoy reading about my excursion to Stratford-Upon-Avon!

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2 Recipes to Keep You Warm

I really love to cook, so I was really excited to break out my Christmas present from Caroline (see it featured in this post). We decided that we would get together and make a day of it, which turned out to be a blast! Keep reading for some of the really yummy (and easy!) recipes we tried.

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Winter Farmers Market

Hey friends!

We’ve gotten a tiny break from the freezing weather, and we’ve had just plain old cold weather. Though I’m not about to retire me winter coat just yet, it does have me feeling like the end is in sight. I have major spring-fever, and what better way to pretend it’s spring than to go to a farmers market? Luckily, Rochester’s Farmers Market goes indoors during the colder months, to the old fire station downtown!

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