An Evening in Detroit

An Evening In Detroit - Never Truly Lost.

This weekend, my mom and I were given an excuse to spend the day in the city (Detroit, that is). We are always looking for fun ways to spend time together without breaking the bank. This past weekend, some close family members had to go out of town unexpectedly and had purchased show tickets that they were going to be unable to use, so they called us and asked that we put them to use. Of course we happily obliged and decided to make a full day out of it.

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A Day Out With Mom

Mom and baby prairie dog

Having been out of town for a couple weeks (and having missed Mother’s Day), my mom and I decided that it was high time for a ‘girls day out’. So, on Friday morning, we rolled out of bed (a little later than expected), and headed downtown. The weather has been unseasonably warm here, and we decided that we couldn’t let this lovely weather go to waste and headed to the Detroit Zoo.

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Take Me Out To The Ballgame


One way to really get to know a city is to go see one of their sporting events. There seems to be a sense of camaraderie in a city while they are all coming together against a ‘common enemy’, and there are always more people wandering around on game days, which can help ease any anxiety about exploring alone. Also, you can usually find reasonably priced tickets to these events if you aren’t too picky about where you sit.

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Being a full-time student with a choreography job, a teaching job and having rehearsal every night doesn’t leave a lot of time to relax, or do anything really, especially with finals just around the corner. At times like this I find that it’s even more important to make time to go on adventures and get out of stressful atmospheres. Today I found myself with a few extra hours to spare, so Ryan and I decided to take a mini-venture.


Since neither of us have money to spare, the less expensive the outing, the better. Luckily, there happens to be a really great library in downtown Rochester. It may be nerdy, but I get really excited about the sheer amount of books in this library, and I find the atmosphere very calming.




Another plus side to the Rochester Hills Public Library is their travel section. For me, the next best thing to actually traveling is planning exciting trips, so I decided to pick up a few travel books for some upcoming trips that I’ve been thinking about.






After the library we decided to grab a late lunch, so we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Penny Black. Penny Black has THE best cantina nachos. Seriously, if you like nachos, even a little bit, and find yourself in the Rochester area, you HAVE to try them. For $12.50 you can have enough deliciously sweet and spicy pulled pork cheesy gooey goodness to feed two people, plus if you happen to go between 4-7 during the week, all of their appetizers (including the nachos) are HALF OFF. I’m really excited about it.





The Cantina Nachos (I only got one picture before they were completely devoured).
The Cantina Nachos (I only got one picture before they were completely devoured).

And finally, what mini-venture is complete without ice cream?!? It started to warm up again today so we were able to eat our ice cream outside for a little bit before heading back to classes and rehearsal and our busy lives. I hope you find some time to make your own adventures this week!! Cheers!


With love,


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Rainy Days


Living in Michigan means that winter is going to last most of the year, though some of us choose to live in denial. Most of the time I can be found daydreaming about the days when I’m financially stable enough to move somewhere warm and tropical. As far as I’m concerned, it should be at least 75 degrees and sunny all year long.




This past winter in particular really took its toll on me. I’m not normally one to complain about having to stay indoors because of the cold, but this year ‘spring fever’ hit some time in December and I’ve been itching to get outside every chance I can get. Though all of the colors are currently shades of brown, and the sky is cloudy and overcast, it’s finally warmed up enough to get back outside and adventure (though that may not last long because Michigan weather likes to play practical jokes on it’s residents).


Luckily for me, my college has a really beautiful campus to explore (for free!). Who said that you have to break the bank in order to have an adventure? Sometimes it’s best to start right in your own backyard, even if that’s just a precursor to adventures to come.











I also took this opportunity to fully embrace my inner child. I’m never one to pass up an opportunity to put on my rain boots and go splash in some puddles, and that’s exactly what I did! I dusted off my tried and true rain boots and put my hair in braids (the perfect rainy day hair style because it keeps your locks under control and combats humidity) and headed into the great outdoors.





I also took the chance to break in my new raincoat. My mom recently got me this beautiful Calvin Klein rain jacket as an early Easter gift. It was the perfect time to throw it on because it was just heavy enough to keep me warm, and sturdy enough to keep me dry. Not to mention that by tying the belt in a bow, it gave my outfit a nice soft feminine touch.




Sometimes the best way to end a rainy day adventure is to come back inside, curl up with a nice blanket and pour yourself a warm drink. Stay warm out there and have fun!!



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