The London Series: Part 7

Hello Friends!

After the last day that we had in London, we were glad to have a day that was less ‘planned’. It’s hard for things to go wrong when you’re just going with the flow! We all looked at what was available to us, and decided on some things to fill our day, deciding to let the stress of the previous day slip away and really enjoy our time in this foreign country.

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2 Recipes to Keep You Warm

I really love to cook, so I was really excited to break out my Christmas present from Caroline (see it featured in this post). We decided that we would get together and make a day of it, which turned out to be a blast! Keep reading for some of the really yummy (and easy!) recipes we tried.

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The New Year’s Resolution 2.0

There is something about the new year that is so inspiring about a new year. A fresh start. A second chance (or third, or fourth…). Every January, I am encouraged to re-amp my ‘goals’ list and set my bar higher. I know that there are some people who have completely lost faith in the ‘New Year’s Resolution’, but I want to encourage you to stay positive. So what if your new resolution only lasts until the end of January? That’s one month where you lived as a healthier/happier/more organized/stronger/smarter you! The important thing is not to give up if you have a tiny set back, but to get up and try again.

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Post-Holiday Gift Guide

Hello friends!

The holidays are over, and the new year is just beginning! That means birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, and, before we know it, the holidays will again be upon us. It seems like we never really stop buying people presents, which is great! Because that usually means there’s something to celebrate! But, sometimes, finding the perfect gift can be incredibly daunting. It can be tempting to start doling out cash last minute, especially for those teenagers and young adults who refuse to give you any help at all, but sometimes that just won’t cut it. I like to look back on some of the favorite gifts that I’ve received to help me find those perfect gifts for others.

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